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Have your consumers been declined for traditional credit?
Try Werkwallet Moneyapp to fuel your consumers purchase retention in store. Coming Soon Use It Anywhere! 
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Why does Moneyapp work for your business?
Whether online or in person. Millions of customer purchases get declined right at the checkout counter. Werkwallet is early stage development of Moneyapp witha  focus on providing p2p alternative credit approvals. 
Just in time to keep customer's happy and shopping with your brand.

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Who we are, Our mission?

Our mission is to democratize access, connect and manage capital utilizing digital conversational analytics.

We are champions of leveraging conversational small,midsize business and consumer linguistics. We are striving to become a leading provider of cloud-based capital solutions by digitizing, and automating complex conversational financial operations for SMBs and consumers. By financially engineering chatbots that support how users manage their financial communications, we create efficiencies and that support  democratic allocation of capital.
Our obsession with modern technologies and the web based world provides us with the scale to connect diverse borrowers, investors and stakeholders  in a completely new way.
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